Feed the Senses

Meow. (Dude.)

Meow. (‘Sup dude.)

Mew mew mew MEW mew mew! (I just got the GREATEST stuff!)

Mew mew mew MEW mew mew? (You just got the GREATEST stuff?)

Meaouw! (Hex yeah.)

Mew mew-mew mew mew, mew mew. (Don’t bogart that joint, my friend!)

Mreaw, mreaw. Mew mew meaow-reow. (No, no. It’s not catnip.)

Mreaw? (No?)

Mreaw. Mew mew MEW mew mew! Mew din din. (No. This stuff is WAY better! It’s what my idiot person feels the need to call, “din-din.”)

New Friskies. A healthy meal for your cat. Now with LSD.

The actual lyrics: “What if one little pop, could open a world of wonder? So – sensory, so satisfying… the discovery never seems to stop. A journey to delicious and beyond. Exciting your cat, day and night – with endless enchantment… It’s the magic Friskies makes happen – every day, in so many ways. Friskies. Fed the senses.”

Cats on Acid.


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